Friday, August 3, 2007

New Babies and Babies to Come

Good morning!

I mentioned in a previous post that I'd thrown, helped throw or attended a total of 3 showers between February and July of this year, so getting back to happier topics, let's discuss those kiddos.

The first NM (New Mommy) gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby boy (I mentioned him in one previous blog) back in March - and what a cutie he is! I get to see him again this weekend at a barbeque, and I can't wait. I'm so proud that I got to be his first babysitter!

The second NM gave birth not quite a month a go to three healthy but tiny babies - two boys and a girl. Talk about indoctrination by fire! I think the babies are still in the hospital but will come home soon. Have you ever seen a woman pregnant with triplets and 7 months along? Ye Gods! I'm hoping for a chance to visit those kiddos come fall when they are bigger and more stable.

The third NMTB (New Mommy to be) is due in about a month, but has already dropped, so it looks like baby is imminent. This NM is FD's first cousin, and since the family hasn't had a new baby in 12 years, everyone is excited. On the heels of that, another NMTB in the family, the wife of another of FD's first cousins, is due in November. Too bad the NMTBs don't live closer together...they could have a play group!

Yay for babies - aren't they fun?



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