Sunday, July 15, 2007

Maybe this time?

Hi, ya'll!

Here's a continuation of my story...

After my miscarriage, our OB/GYN advised us to wait around three cycles before trying again, to allow my body to heal. Not a problem! Between trips and work schedules changing, and crazy work hours to begin with and so forth, three cycles have flown right on by. Cycle one concluded on April 27th; cycle two on May 25th; cycle three on June 20th. The days are shifting - 27-29-27 - but taking the average, cycle four should conclude on or about day 28 on Tuesday - July 17th. Continuing in our journey of not trying but not trying not to try, this cycle may or may not bring good news our way.

I'm afraid to hope. Really afraid to hope. We haven't done anything differently - I'd already quit smoking in February and I haven't had more than two drinks at a time in quite a long time...and will of course stop entirely when good news comes about. (In the meanwhile, I'll rely on medical findings that moderate alcohol intake in very early pregnancy is not considered a danger, and most women do not even know about a little one until a few weeks have passed.)

In the meantime, I've attended (or helped to throw) 3 baby showers since February - yeesh! Talk about feeling like I'm on baby overload! It's hard to wrap my mind around the thought of other people's babies, as well, since only a very small handful ever knew out our experience. One of FD's cousins out West is pregnant (after her own health issues) and due the day before we would have been in November. That really plays with my mind. I try not to dwell...but...

That's enough for today! More later!



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