Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kick Kick...Kick Kick

Good GRIEF, Bunny!

Are you trying to beat me up on purpose? You've been so active, today! Seriously, I started feeling you moving around and kicking and punching and butt-bumping and head-butting at like 6 AM this morning - and now, 16 hours later, you haven't gone more than 5 minutes all day without reminding me that you're there! Dang, girl! You'd think you were on a sugar or caffeine high, but I promise, I haven't indulged in much of either today!

And about those sharp kicks that feel like they're dislocating majorly necessary parts of my body: what gives? I love your gentle flutter kicks...but really, when you kick me hard enough to wake me up and double over in pain, it makes me think you're mad at me or something. Bunny, you are too funny, sometimes! Seriously...I slept pretty crappy last night, so d'ya suppose you can cuddle in for a nice long nap with me tonight instead of practicing your karate on my ribs?

Reader Response time - how many of you ladies who are currently pregnant, or have been pregnant in the past - felt like your baby was actively trying to beat you into submission??

And about this whole weight gain thing...on Saturday, I shared with the girls that I was up to 130. Now, three days later, I'm up to 135. Seriously. Five pounds in 3 days? How is that even possible? And I'm not bloated or constipated or anything. What the heck did I eat? A whole ham?! I can just picture you in there, Bunny, with your big ol' straw, sucking your fill of food out of my tummy so I get hungry and gorge again. Too cute...but by the end of this, Bunny, you're going to be around 8 pounds, while I'm going to qualify as a Sumo wrestler!! I'm starting to get a bit horrified!!

Love and pats to you, Bunny. You just keep going strong in there! I can't wait to see you again at our next ultrasound next week! (Which reminds me that I still need to reschedule that since we won't get back from PA and visiting your Grandma and Poppa until Wednesday morning, which makes a Tuesday morning appointment kinda hard to keep. Luckily, they schedule pretty fast, so we'll try for Thursday or Friday instead!)




K @ ourboxofrain said...

Until earlier this week, I'm pretty sure Lou was head-down, so I was getting regularly kicked in whatever organ has lodged itself under my right rib cage (along with flutters much lower). I think s/he has flipped again, though, as now I'm getting thunked much lower down, close to where my bladder once was. None of it has been painful, thankfully -- just a nice reminder that s/he is still in there.

I hope Bunny let you get some sleep!

Kelly McCrady said...

My kidlet (now 6 yrs) once stuck her teeny elbow through my belly button from the inside. Youch. And fetal position my ass--my girl liked stretching into an L-shape, with her head firmly on my bladder and feet in my ribs.

Future Mommy said...

I can't quite figure out how Bunny is positioned in there - I'm looking forward to the ultrasound letting me know more on that. But I'm getting punched, kicked and headbutted from every direction. FD will put his hand on my belly in one place where she was just active...only to have to move it to the exact opposite side as she continues her Rockette's tryout. And these past few days have been unbelievable. I'm not kidding when I say that she has been active 24/7. And I do love feeling her, but it's gotten to be a distraction point, which is not good when I'm in a serious meeting at work. If I'm mid-presentation, doubling over doesn't exactly go well!

But I'll take it - and I'd much rather have her nice and active and letting me know she's ok than the opposite!!!

Nicole said...

During my first pregnancy, DD was very active. I dont remember very many days of painful movements, but she would wake me up in the night during her acrobatics, and towards the end, I felt her kicking my ribs quite often.

I know that the sudden weight gain can be daunting. Its hard to continue watching the scale climb, especially when youre used to being so small. Try to remember that its all for a great cause, and you can start exercising full-throttle again and cut back on the calories soon after Bunny is born.