Saturday, June 14, 2008

21 Weeks...time is flying by!

Hi, everyone!

Sorry that it's been a week since my last post - I was out of town part of the week and in all-day training several days as well, so this week has just FLOWN by!

I thought I'd give an update on myself, but there's really not much to update...every single one of my measurements remains the same EXCEPT my weight - I'm up to 130 now. So apparently the weight gain got internalized, perhaps with baby taking up more space?

My resting heart rate has actually gone down a bit this week, for which I'm thankful. It's still over 100, but down is better than up!

I bought more clothes - I had to. I HATED the nursing bra that I got fitted for two months ago - the dang thing NEVER fit properly and the wire it had on the sides just DUG into me. So I took myself to Vickie's Semi-Annual sale and got measured good and proper for two new and COMFY bras at 25% off each. YAHOO! I also invested in some granny pre-preggo panties were just cutting into me and, well, yeah. My husband laughed hysterically when he saw them. I bought my pre-pregnancy size, as the maternity store instructs you to do, but there's still enough fabric there that I can turn these into a tent when I'm done with 'em!

I also got a comfy pair of khaki shorts...I finally outgrew my "big" shorts and so needed something. When I'm sitting around the house after work, I just wear my athletic shorts, since I have about a million pairs of those and they're nice and stretchy. But for when I actually go out on the weekends, pants just doesn't cut it for a Texas summer! I also got one more pair of work pants - I was stretched a bit too thin alternating between 3 pairs and a stretchy skirt - and one new shirt. Thankfully, every single item I bought was on sale, so I didn't actually end up spending all that much money. YAHOO!

I also found the dang cutest thing: a nursing nightie and matching onesie! I didn't buy it, but I'm going to - I think that'll be my hospital ensemble. I mean, seriously cute.

Somewhere halfway through this week, my brain got muddled and I forgot how far along I was - I started thinking I was a week farther ahead! I'll blame that on having a way busy week. Or maybe I'm just losing my mind!

How's everyone doing out there this week? I'm feeling pretty good and am finally getting past the head/chest cold that I had for more than 10 days. Hope ya'll are well, too!



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Nicole said...

Glad to hear youre doing well, and not sick anymore! Hah, I have weeks like that, where I barely have tim eto sit still, and can't remember much of anything...

Shopping is always fun! I spent $50 and got a HUGE pile of maternity clothes the other day. It's my new obsession; I need to stop!

I never thought of going to Victoria's Secret for nice, bigger bras - Good Idea! I should do that, I keep growing out of all of mine!!!

Im 13 weeks now. I have another appt tomorrow morning, and I am soooo looking forward to it! :)