Monday, June 30, 2008

23/24 Week Ultrasound

Wave hi, Bunny!


That wave is just one of the precious motions I got to see Bunny do this morning at our 23/24 week ultrasound. According to the perinatologist, she is doing very, very well!

While the U/S tech was in the room, we spent enough time looking over Bunny to see her:
  • Yawn (tired baby - kept Mama up all night kicking!)

  • Stretch (she's still trying to make more room for herself in there!)

  • Kick (to paraphrase Tigger, that's what Bunnies do best!)

  • Drink (we could actually see her jaw going and taking in liquid)

  • Peeing (what goes in, must come...)

and of course...

  • Wave! (Hi, Bunny! Mommy loves you!)

Future Daddy couldn't come with us this morning because he's up in Canada (outside of Calgary) picking up our niece to come spend the month of July with us. Since he wasn't there, the tech printed out 9 (yes, 9 - last time, we only got 2!) pictures for us and ran a DVD of the session. I can't scan/load from work, but I'll get those up for your viewing pleasure tonight from home.

The ultrasound estimated Bunny's weight at 1 pound, 7 ounces. Her heartrate was 147 BPM.

The big question was how much she's grown from last time to this time.

You might remember that although she measured exactly on dates (and we all know that my dates are don't spent months and months charting just to be wrong the month you actually finally conceive!) for her first ultrasound, but then measured almost a week ahead at our last ultrasound.

We went back and looked, and the computer had calculated that although our last U/S was taken at 18w3d, Bunny measured 18w6d. So wait, that's not almost a week ahead - that's only 3 days, right?

Well, kind of. At that U/S, Bunny's specific measurements were:
Head Circumference (HC): 19w0d
BiParietal Diameter (BPD): 19w1d
Femur Length (FL): 19w0d
Abdominal Circumference (AC): 19w1d

So that's where the "almost a week ahead" came from. I'm still a little fuzzy on how 18w6d from that scan came about (math was never FM's forte) but I believe it's the average of the Hadlock measurements (HC, BPD, FL, and AC) averaged with the date based on LMP with a known ovulation date. Voila! 18w6d. But lest we get too comfortable with that date, it has an accuracy factor of +/- 10 days. WHAT?!

Ok, so moving right along to today.

Today should be 23w2d.

Bunny's specific measurements were:
Head Circumference (HC): 23w0d
BiParietal Diameter (BPD): 24w0d
Femur Length (FL): 24w1d
Abdominal Circumference (AC): 23w6d

So summing that up, the computer came up with 23w5d. Basically, she has a bit smaller head but long legs and is still the same average length ahead as last time. Dr. R. was pleased.

I got interrogated on when my next endocrinologist appointment is and he asked that I reschedule it for two weeks earlier so that I'd have my blood results in time for my next appointment/ultrasound on July 25th. He also reminded me to remind my obstetrician when I see her next Monday that I need to get scheduled for the blood glucose test. He assured me that everything looks fine but he wants to make sure we're super-proactive in case anything develops.

Ok, Bunny! Time to wave bye, bye!


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