Wednesday, March 12, 2008

7w3d=7w4d, No Twins!

Dear Bunny,

Ok, Mommy believes you now. You aren't twins. Got it!

Your ultrasound went fabulously, and they moved us back to 7w4d instead of 7w3d - which is funny, because if they'd listened to me on my cycle lengths in the first place, that was where I thought I should be today anyways! (Remember my post about 4w5d, rinse, repeat?)

They'll check to see how you're growing again, of course, but your size is no surprise to Mommy! I'm just glad to see you're forming well! The doctor was thrilled. We got to see your precious little heartbeat...thub, thub, thub! They tell me that I ovulated from the left side, which explains why I had so many aches and pains over there. But all in all, everything looks fabulous!

Daddy won the bet on twins/no twins. I really was convinced there was two of you in there, but nope! Joke's on Mommy! But the yolk sac looked great and like I said, everything else looked wonderful. Mommy feels a bit ripped up inside with them having used the insider rather than outsider probe...but oh, well!

We don't go back to see you again until April 9th, so until then, Bunny, keep growing well and strong, you hear? Daddy and I are going to do some talking over the next couple weeks to figure out what kinds of testing (if any) we want to do on you. Lots of ways to get kicked, probed and prodded! When we go back, we should be able to hear your heartbeat, too! Didn't hear it or time it today - only saw it! But that was cool, cool, cool!

And Mommy definitely needs some new clothes. Seven pounds gained so far, all in my tummy. Ouchers on trying to zip/button anything! This weekend, I'll go hunting for comfy pants!!!

Well, Bunny, that's all I got for you now! I love you, baby!!



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