Monday, March 24, 2008

9w2d - Tapeworm?

Dear Bunny,

So sorry for not writing for so long - I'm a slacker, aren't I? It's been a really busy couple of weeks between getting ready for our additional houseguests (your Future Cousins and Future Uncle) and actually having them here!

I get paranoid about you sometimes, little one. I'll go a whole five minutes without feeling nauseous and think something is wrong. But then it comes right on back...and I convince myself that all is well!

Boy, are you a hungry little critter! I thought I was eating a lot a few weeks ago when I was at 4 or 5 meals a day...and now I'm hungry pretty much once an hour! Ye Gods! I've gained 10 pounds in the past 5 weeks! I've never gained 10 pounds in a short stretch in my life! In my freshman year of college, it took me all year to gain 15 pounds, and that was only after I drank two 1500-calorie protein shakes daily! Wowza!

Lots of people know about you now, and that kind of makes me paranoid, too. I almost feel like I'm jinxing you, little one. I really hope not. I've actually only been able to bring myself to tell once...the rest of the time, your Future Daddy had to tell, because I was too nervous! But now most of the family (both sides) know and some of my friends. We'll tell our coworkers and bosses, soon! Everyone is very excited to see you in the fall, Bunny. Just you keep growing and doing well!!!

My hard-ish to see bump is now very apparent. I need new pants. Badly. But that's ok!!! :-) For you, Bunny...anything!

I promise that I'll update more often from now on, Bunny! We're really looking forward to getting an update on you in two weeks at the doctor!!!!



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