Sunday, December 9, 2007

Busy Week - But I'm Here!

Whew - where has December gone already? Between work, freelancing and life, I have no idea where this past week has gone. Just took on a large writing project that should turn into a steady thing - yay! Work busy as usual - went to MSP last week and this week I'm off to SJC. Life - yeah, when isn't that busy?

On the TTC front...nada. Had a longer-and-weirder-than-normal period, but what does that really mean? Two days of flow, then two days of spotting, then one more day of flow, then more spotting. Dunno. Not going to think about it too hard, quite'll make my head hurt.

Then...watery almost EWCM yesterday...way too early for that...haven't seen it that early ever. But hey, I'll take it...because...

...we went out on a date last night! YAHOO! We just don't get out much's gotten too busy unfortunately, and it seems that every month we have "extras" to pay for that are just stretching our budget out - new tires, new laptop, new furniture, new brakes, and now Christmas - but we said the hell with it all and went to dinner and a movie. And FD got me BEAUTIFUL white roses. I was thrilled...

...and so, of course when we came home, we took advantage of the watery CM (hubby doesn't know that...he doesn't need TTC details!) and had some more fun. Hehe. So anyways, I know that logically it's way to early in the cycle for that to lead to anything, but hey, doesn't hurt to practice, KWIM? Practice makes perfect! :-)

Well...went from not knowing anyone currently pregnant to two in the space of a week. Number one is our realtor, who also happens to be the wife of one of FD's fellow police officer's. She had her first last February, right before we bought our house (bless her heart...she started working with us when the little one was just two weeks old!) and now will have number two around early June.

Number two is one of my oldest friends. I've known her since we were like six years old. We've been in and out of touch over the years, but connected again through MySpace...and she had a bulletin up yesterday about their good news. They're due in July.

FD made a comment last night that, as usually, just sent my mind spinning. We were kind of talking sarcastically about the POS we see around us who have kinds, and I kiddingly told him that he just needed to lose his job, go broke, sit at home and do nothing all day, never spend time with me and run around with other women and then we could have kids. His reply was "oh, so is that what's holding us back? Hahaha."

Not a bad reply, I guess...kind of tells me he's thinking on this a lot, too. This is cycle ten after our MC in the spring...I can't believe how much time has gone by. I really never believed so much time would pass without getting pregnant again. I thought of my cousin's wife, who got pregnant again almost right away after her MC. I thought of a former coworker, who had two MC's in two month and then got pregnant successfully with twins in the third month. I thought of a friend of a friend who also had two MC's and then in very short order had a successful pregnancy. And I thought, hey, me, too.

Not so much, eh? I know that some of you ladies have been at this far longer than I, but I sometimes wonder how you deal with month after month of...nothing. Since I got pregnant ten months ago and lost the baby just over six weeks later, nothing...and granted, I know we didn't "seriously" try the first few months, but according to my records (before and after I started using FF), we really should have nailed the timing in at least 7 of the 9 cycles before the one we're in now. So what gives?!

I don't know...just a lot to think about. If we don't have any success before then I'll be in cycle 12 post-MC around the time where I conceived last year, and cycle 14 post-MC around the time when I actually miscarried. How can that much time have passed?

Ok, I'm getting way to whiny here, now, I guess, so I'll close. Hope all is well with everyone.



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