Friday, December 14, 2007

All I Want for Christmas... a BFP!

That's a siggy blinkie that you ladies from TTCAM are so familiar with - well, I don't have one in my siggy, but boy do I believe in it.

FD is so damn sweet. We were sitting talking about Christmas presents the other night and he looked me straight in the eye and told me that what he really wanted to give me for Christmas was a baby. Isn't he the best? Since bedtime was near, off we went to practice up! :-)

Not sure what my cycle will hold this month. Had EWCM today - earlier than "normal". We're going on the BD every other day after CD10 theory this month...this'll be the month we make the biggest effort to date.

Still trying not to be hopeful, but if we basically double our efforts, maybe that'll be the trick? I just really feel like I need something to be hopeful for.


FD has apparently been reading up or researching how to get pregnant tips...he's now reminding me to stay laying down for a little while afterwards and sticking a pillow under my hips to tilt. There's absolutely no way he'd ever know to do something like that if he wasn't doing some checking on his own...and that means a lot to me.

He's also started asking more questions about temping and such. After so long of not really talking about it, because it was just too painful I think...this is a good change. FD's always been supportive, but this is just even better.'s hoping that somehow, someway December is different from all of the other months before this and that something good comes our way.

Christmas Day is CD26...if I have any symptoms at all, I'm going to test. Some of my cycles are 27 days, some 28, so it might be borderline if I'd get a good reading one way or another, but man wouldn't that be the greatest Christmas present ever? Besides, we leave the next day to go out of town for 4 days and will be staying with family, so I'd rather test ahead of time than on the road.

Here's sending Baby Dust and P&PTs to all of us for the best Christmas ever!



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