Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No Christmas BFP

I'm sorry that I haven't been around much recently. I took on a really big project and it's consumed my life.

Well...no BFP for us today for Christmas. I've blown two tests this week - Saturday night at 7 DPO and this morning at 10 DPO.

Still have REALLY sore BBs. On Sunday, had cramping on my lower left abdomen that was kind of bad, but hasn't been repeated. My tummy has felt odd on and off, but not consistently.

Have a bit of spotting that started a couple hours ago. The first wipe, it was pink and streaky. Then it was just mixed in with my CM. Nothing to write home about.

Haven't had my pre-AF lower back cramping yet...but then again, AF isn't due until Thursday or Friday. And I have had pre-AF spotting at 10 DPO before that was just a precursor of the witch, so I'm hesitant to even hope this is implantation spotting.

We're headed out of town for a few days...so the witch'll either visit me while we're gone, or we'll get a good surprise. What an extreme. ARGH!

Hope ya'll are having a good holiday.




Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Sometimes 10 dpo is still to early to test. Especially if you didn't test with first morning urine. If AF doesn't come soon, I would definitely keep testing. I'm not trying to get your hopes up here, I'm just saying...you're not out of the game quite yet.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I'm with Hilary -- 10dpo can definitely be too early to test. Has AF arrived yet, and, if not, have you tested again yet?

Future Mommy said...

Thanks, ladies. It was too early, most likely, but also just not my month...on to the next! Thanks for commenting - and drat on Blogger for not telling me I had comments so I could respond sooner!