Thursday, November 1, 2007


...started spotting, finally, at 10 PM, which is 12 hours later than I normally start an actual flow. So really, still not sure what is going on. It's definite spotting - not just the faint pink streaks my mind may have imagined last night - but it's definitely not a flow. Argh, argh, double argh.

If I want to keep positive, I could argue that today's temp dive could be implantation and tonight's spotting implantation spotting.

If I want to be negative, ergo realistic, I could argue that I normally spot for a day or so before my actual flow starts and although that would mean that this month's cycle is a day longer than usual, that's happened once or twice before.

Argh, argh, double argh.

We leave tomorrow afternoon to camp out for the weekend for NASCAR - just got back from Truck quals in fact. Not going to temp over the weekend - while tent camping, my normal body temperature will be off by too much to get anything accurate. I'm very curious to see tomorrow's temp, however, and when/whether the actual flow starts.

This is just weird.

Off to write for NaNo...



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Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Hoping for the best for you! Looking forward to hearing how it all panned out...