Monday, November 12, 2007

Nothing, Really

Well, this is an say that I really don't have any update.

My MIL arrived safe and sound for her winter visit on Wednesday. She'll be here until the week after Easter, and, with nearly a week under her belt at our house, seems to be settling in just fine. She's a bit rattled by the general busy-ness of this area in general, but since she hasn't left the house more than a handful of times, she's coping ok.

My Dad will arrive next Saturday - the current plan is that I'll fly up after work on Thursday night, use Friday to get any last-minute details worked out, and then fly back with him Saturday morning. Since I work for the airline and we'll be non-revving it, we have a little bit of flexibility that we can play with, if need be.

It should be an interesting trip, to say the least...Dad has Alzheimer's, and for added fun, hasn't been on a plane in about 10 years or so...I believe his last plane trip was for a family wedding in California in 1995. Back then, his mental state was, I'm really hoping he has a clear day on Saturday, or this could be a bitch of a trip.

Mom's looking forward to her "time off", which is still unbounded by an end date - I just cannot pin her down on when she either wants to join Dad in visiting us in Texas (they live in PA) or when she wants me to bring him back home. Right now, we've agreed upon "a month or two or so."

On our end, it's 11 days to our EDD...and I find myself thinking about that more and more and more. FD's cousin, who was due a day or so before, has already delivered - about a week ago. It just keeps sticking in my mind that I should be as big as a house by now, or perhaps even have a baby in my house and life. :-(

FF is predicting our fertile time to be next weekend...not really sure how I feel about that for this month, honestly. Dad and I won't get back until Saturday afternoon from PA and I suspect it's going to take a few days of nearly constant attention to get him settled in. Added to being so close to the EDD, I just don't think my heart is even in trying for this month. Who knows, though? Maybe 9th post-MC cycle is the charm! Ugh. I can't believe so many months and cycles have gone by.

I'm going to go ahead and end this post before I just depress myself any more. Hope all is well with everyone else - I'll pop over to TTCAM to check on ya'll really soon.



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