Monday, November 5, 2007

New Month...EDD Looming

Well, the month has changed...and boy is it going to be a busy one!

AF arrived late last Thursday night - so in the end, realism won out over optimism. Wasn't a shock however, and I'm doing ok. Disappointed, but ok.

In November, both my MIL and my father will be joining our household...MIL for 5.5 months, Dad for an undetermined amount of time - as little as a month or as much as three or four. We'll see! My mom needs a break from tending to him - he is in the middle stages of Alzheimer's and can be a handful - especially to my mom, who has less than zero patience.

So...for this month, the theme will be sanity. I can't possibly focus on starting a family this month - there will be too much going on with having MIL and Dad here, then hosting Thanksgiving for 15, and getting through what was supposed to be our due date on November 23rd - which also happens to be my mom's birthday. Argh, argh and more argh.

Going to keep temp. Using the theory of not necessarily trying but not preventing. Who knows - maybe the not trying will be the key - if we don't think about it, it may just happen. Like I said - who knows?!

I'll still be here to post and keep my sanity through sharing my life with all of you - and thank you to so many of you that come and read my drivel. It means so much to me.

Happy November!



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Hilary (The Trying Game) said...

Sorry about AF hon. Thinking of you.