Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm back!

Sorry for the long break, ya'll. After saying goodbye to the kiddos who were visiting, we threw ourselves back into the cycle of working before heading out of town for a few days over this Labor Day weekend.

Just wanted to share something I just picked up off one of my iVillage boards - TTC First Child. M shared that Mucinex may be as effective as Robitussin for thinning out CM and enhancing fertility. I never thought of that - but they have the same active ingredient.

So here's the funny part. I took Mucinex every day throughout November and December of '06 and January and the first half of February of '07. Why? Two bouts of pneumonia mixed in with a respiratory infection. When did I get pregnant? Mid-February '07. Coincidence?! If you discount my other two possible M/Cs, since they never progressed along far enough for me to feel pregnant, and instead focus on the one time was far enough along to know it and confirm it, it just seems like an awfully big coincidence, eh?

I'm going to reinvest in Mucinex and learn from the girls on my boards of how often they take - this month is the last big "push" for awhile, I suppose. If we don't have a BFP by mid October (I'm not even holding my breath for September - I know full and well that we blew the timing) then we'll stop trying until Spring, most likely. The advice listed (and that I found corroborated elsewhere online) is to take Mucinex, or any medicine with the same active ingredient (like Robitusin) once a day for the 7 days preceding ovulation. Now, my O's are hard to predict because I don't temp and my cycle length literally varies from month to month, so I figure I'm going to start taking on CD 1 and continue until CD 15 - that ought to hit the right time!

On other news, my OBGYN's office called to remind me to come in for my yearly, and I have an update with my Endo coming up as well. Yay and yay. Poking and prodding and bloodwork, oh, my. My thyroid/BP meds aren't working as well this time around...I can feel it. After a month, I'm still in jittery mode, which ought to have stopped by now. We'll see what happens. 50% of women with Graves have ongoing issues with fertility and M/C so I'm just trying to make sure I do everything right.

That's all from my end of the spectrum!




Jen said...

I can tell you that the Mucinex is 200 mg 3 X's daily. You could get the 600 mg controlled release stuff and just take it once a day.

Hope that helps! Good luck!!

Future Mommy said...

Thanks, Jen! I've been taking that dose for the past four days now...keeping my fingers crossed! :-)