Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yearly Check-Up Went Well!

I had my yearly with the OB/GYN today and it went well! She asked if we'd decided to TTC again after the MC in April and I told her we definitely had - and had just really gotten serious about it this month. She gave me this booklet on conceiving and having children and it just cracked me up - it was like the beginners guide to sex and fertility. She said that all looked well and the only thing she wanted to check was if my rubella immunity was still up to date, so she drew blood for that. Otherwise, in her words, "full speed ahead and call us as soon as you get a HPT+!"

Just had to share! :-)



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Third times a charm said...

That is awsome. Good luck!

By the way, here is my blog. We talked about it on TTCAM.