Thursday, August 23, 2007

More No Go's

Hi, everyone.

Well, I think we've effectively blown the last two cycles. The first of those, of course, I know for sure. The current cycle doesn't seem promising either...I think we completely messed up the timing. Dang it.

When you only get to share a bed with your hubby one or two nights out of seven, prospects aren't often good. People keep telling us (at 16 months of marriage) that we're still newlyweds...and newlyweds are supposed to...hmmm...a lot, right? Funny. I had a more active sex life when I was in high school! (Shhh! Don't tell Mom!) Eh...marriage is more than sex...or so I remind myself every time two or three weeks pass with...nothing.

Getting off that thought - you didn't really want to know those details, did you dear reader?

My MIL is coming at the beginning of November to spend the winter with us...doesn't leave until late March. I love the woman, but it's gonna be a long winter. Perhaps I should change the name of my blog to "How Not to Have a Baby"!

So anyways...I'm going to (try to) stop paying attention to this kind of stuff (or so I tell myself now) until next spring. I really and truly do not want a summer baby, and trying any later than now would likely result in one. Maybe just one more cycle and a June baby...but who knows.

What I hope for is that I'll be so busy with my new job at work and with the certifications I'll be working to finish before year's end and my MIL that I won't have time to think about babies of my own. Besides...with so many other NMs and their babies, I can always get my baby fix elsewhere. Right?

I guess we'll just have to see! I try to remain positive, but some days it's hard. I wasn't nearly so obsessed before the MC - then I just wondered "when". Now, I wonder "if".

Enough "poor me's"!



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