Monday, February 21, 2011

Signs of Pregnancy

While carrying Baby Bunny #1 and Baby Bunny #2, I tried to interpret every possible thing going on with my body as being signs of pregnancy...or, after I knew I was expecting, I interpreting everything as having its roots in being pregnant.

A bit much, right?

Other than the clinical pregnancy symptoms I talked about in my last post, there are just some signs of pregnancy that seem to be universal – or, at least, they were universal to my pregnancies!

Here's my lineup:
  • Heightened sense of smell – I had this with all of my pregnancies, starting very early on
  • Heightened sense of fullness – This one is psychological; there's no way a newly fertilized egg can create a sense of fullness...but I fel one there ya have it!
  • Crampy – For me, I felt minorly crampy throughout every pregnancy. At the beginning, I interpreted this as AF coming, but in hindsight, it felt different than those monthly cramps. The general crampiness in my pregnancies seemed broader – not as sharp.

What were/are your signs of pregnancy? If you're still TTCing, what symptoms are you looking at hopefully?

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