Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms are the absolute hardest thing to detect, aren't they?

When I got pregnant with Baby Bunny #1, I was tracking every last little thing that happened with my body – and almost any of them could have been pregnancy symptoms. Some of the more promising were:

  • 12 DPO or 14 DPO Spotting
  • 15 DPO or 17 DPO Sore Bbs
  • 15 DPO or 17 DPO Constant Hunger

Of course, the cycle, where all of those pregnancy symptoms aligned in just that order was when we found out Baby Bunny #1 was on the way...after many previous attempts and months where those things didn't line up so nicely.

When I got pregnant with Baby Bunny #2, I was definitely not tracking anything. In fact, I was still breastfeeding Baby Bunny #1, hadn't had anything resembling a cycle in almost two years, and wasn't trying. So what were my pregnancy symptoms that time?

Pneumonia. I'm not kidding. I had pneumonia for almost four weeks. At the end of that, I still wasn't feeling “right”...and turns out Baby Bunny #2 was on the way.

What pregnancy symptoms are/were your biggest or most promising clues?

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