Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Relactate with Me

Nursing moms can run into lactation issues for any number of reasons. With Baby Bunny #1, I had mastitis, then oral surgery, then bleeding/chafing while pumping issues. I managed to bounce back from each and she never had to use formula, although we did use about 100oz of donor milk to supplement through the mastitis and oral surgery issues.

With Baby Bunny #2, it has been an entirely different issue. First, my milk was late in fully coming in. Next, he suffered terrible reflux and ate even more constantly as a result, which didn't actually succeed in bringing more milk in, but instead drying up quickly. Finally, I have had a number of health issues, which included a variety of tests, procedures and medicines that aren't friendly towards breastfed babies. And I'm starring down surgery again in probably a month. At one time, when Baby Bunny #2 was 2 months old, I was pumping 16 ounces a day, nursing 3-4 times, and he still had at least 1 bottle of formula on top of that. Right now, finally off meds again for the flu and an upper respiratory infection, I'm nursing once a day and pumping 2-4 oz.

I'm determined to build back up again both prior to and after surgery. Want to join in my relactation journey? I'm not starting from zero, but pretty darn close.

My plan*, which takes into account that I work full-time outside of my home:
  • Nurse twice a day - in the morning upon waking, and after work upon arriving home
  • Pump 4 times a day: 3 times at work, once before bed or once before work
  • Herbs - Fenugreek, Marshmallow, Alfalfa, Blessed Thistle, and Mothers Milk tincture**
  • Massage and finishing each pump session with hand expression
I've come back from low levels before, with both Bunnies. Let's hope I can do it again! I will update you all on my progress, and would love to hear your tips as well!

*A reminder that I am not a doctor, lactation consultant, nurse, or offering you medical advice of any sort; I'm simply sharing my experience, mom to mom.
**I have discussed all with my OB/GYN, particularly in concert with my prescription meds.

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