Friday, February 11, 2011

Reglan for Tummy Troubles

When I was busily brewing Baby Bunny #2, I became quite ill. In fact, I spent almost a full week in the hospital while they tried to figure out how to get me to stop losing everything I ingested. While on IVs, I was given Phenergan and then Zofran. After some additional time on Zofran post-hospital, my OBGYN decided it wasn't doing enough for me and placed me on Reglan.

I believe that Reglan medicine is great for many patients. I also believe that the attorneys on the television trying to drum up business from Reglan side effects are a bit much. But unfortunately, I was one of those patients who had an adverse reaction to the Reglan instead of it helping my motility and digestive issues. More about Phenergan, Zofran, and my Reglan reaction in a later post.

For now, let's talk about the need for Reglan medicine and whether you should talk to your doctor about its use.

Many women, while pregnant, experience terrible issues with nausea, vomiting and heartburn. Although it is not approved for this instance, many doctors prescribe Reglan medicine off-label. And for a vast majority of cases, it's effective. Reglan can be taken as an injection or a pill and its effect can often be felt quickly.

On-label, Reglan is used for people with motility issues – slow stomach emptying – caused by anything from diabetes to gastroparesis. Again, in a vast number of cases, it's highly effective. But not all.

If you're having awful issues with eating and retaining meals while pregnant, Reglan is a viable option to discuss with your doctor. But some of the side effects should be studied first, and other options should be exhausted before its use.

Side effects include allergic reactions such as swelling and breathing issues, as well as dystonic reactions that cause abrupt movements, shaking, freezing, and a feeling of being caged. Let's be real, here. All medicines have side effects. And different medicines work differently on different people. And the worst side effects occur in such a small portion of the population that reports of drug issues are almost nearly always overblown.

If your doctor does decide that Reglan is the right choice for you, just be aware of what side effects you should look for, take it exactly as prescribed, and never take it without a prescription.

I'll post most later about my own Reglan medicine experience, as well as my experiences with other similar meds.

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