Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's in a Name?

My persona at "How to Have a Baby" has been semi-anonymous. I've revealed my name and even linked back to my other blogs, but (up until now) I still post and comment as "Future Mommy."

But since Bunny is already here...I feel the need to undergo a transformation.

Therefore...Future Mommy is now Mama Bunny.

Future Daddy is now Papa Bunny.

And Future Baby is simply BUNNY!

I'll be changing the way my "name" displays as well as the intro piece over in the sidebar.

A great big thank you to the ladies who have been following this blog for nearly two years now...I look forward to continuing conversations with you in the future.

And a big thank you, as well, to the constant stream of visitors who find their way to How to Have a Baby from all over the internet. I hope that you are able to find useful information when you visit here, and plan to come back often in the future!

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