Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

Howdy, dear readers!

I've missed you all terribly, but once I decided that my work maternity leave needed to extend to my blogs, I was determined to stick it through.

So why did I go cold turkey on blogging for 3.5 months? That's easy. Because I needed and wanted to spend as much attention on baby girl as I could, both while I was still away from my full-time job on maternity leave, and also during the first few weeks that I learned to balance my new schedule once I returned to work.

And let me tell's been tough! The kiddo definitely keeps me on my toes. That...and she doesn't sleep. Seriously. Her limit is 3 hours. She slept for 5 hours once, about a month ago, and I actually woke her up because I was frightened that something was wrong...since she'd never slept so long before! She's doing absolutely wonderfully well. Growing like a weed! And, of course, is the most beautiful/smart/sweet/lovable child ever born.

Balancing work and baby is definitely a challenge. I am going to start referring to myself as a semi-single parent. The great news about my husband and I working opposite shifts is that the baby doesn't have to go to daycare. The bad news about my husband and I working opposite shifts is that when we're home with the baby, we're almost always home alone with the in, no back up if I'm trying to work on writing and the kiddo starts fussing...and keeps fussing for the rest of the night. And then during the one day a week that we're actually home together, I feel guilty wanting to work on writing...since it's our only day when the 3 of us have significant time together. So I'm still learning to balance. More on that later, over at 0 to Mom.

I read a ton of books while on maternity leave - about the only thing I could really accomplish during the kiddo's 10 minute naps. (No, I'm not kidding. During the day, her naps typically only last 10-20 minutes.) The book blog, unfortunately, is behind by 30 books right now. ACK! So, until I get up-to-date, mosey on over to Read and Release and check out my old reviews (there's a ton of them!) and I'll let you know when the new ones are up.

We've been asked about a million times so far when we'll be having more kids...and although the answer to that is "not yet," I will be continuing to writing about the TTC journey over at How to Have a Baby. Even after 3 months on hiatus, that blog has enormous search engine popularity for phrasing related to family planning and so I will be continuing to post both on my own experience as well as general factoid-ish articles. And speaking of family planning, please tell me that while I've been on hiatus, some stupid unemployed and unmarried woman didn't actually have in vitro and add 8 babies to her family that already had 6 kids. I guess I'll save that rant for another post.

On the "keeping my sanity" front, I have finally begun the process of truly dealing with my father's death. I simply couldn't begin dealing with it in the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy. And then once the baby was here and wasn't well...and when I got sick (learn all about my mastitis in a post later this week at HTHAB)...and then when my in-laws were here for 3 weeks...and then when I was down after having all 4 wisdom teeth out...and then when more family was here throughout Christmas...and then when I first went back to work...

Basically, I completely comparmentalized my life for about 6 months just to keep my head glued on. On an interesting note, one of the ways that I've chosen to deal with Dad's death is to make him the focus of the speech I've recently used to win club and area level competitions in Toastmasters. It's not a sob-story speech - don't worry, I don't do that. But it deals with the topic of sharing memories - learning more about your friends and family through their special memories, and sharing your own remembrances with others. I only briefly mention his Alzheimer's-related memory loss, but instead choose to honor him by sharing one of my favorite memories in the speech. I've submitted a volunteer profile to get more involved in the local chapter of the Alzheimer's Association this year, as a part of their speaker's bureau as well as in helping to plan the DFW area's 6 memory walks later in 2009. I also successfully nominated the Alzheimer's Association to be the recipient of donations during one of 12 monthly dress-down days at my company. Miss you, Daddy.

And...that's the update in a nutshell from my world! I look forward to catching back up with all of you, my dear readers, over the next few weeks as I ramp back up on blogging both at Breakfast at Tiffany's as well as my other blogs! In addition...I'll be announcing two new blogs where you can check me out shortly! One is a cookbook blog that I'm working on with my husband and his aunt, and another is the long-awaited Obama blog! Stay tuned!


(simultaneously posted to 0toMom, Breakfast at Tiffany's and How to Have a Baby.)


Nicole said...

Tiffany, its so nice to get a detailed update from you! I was thinking that you had contracted that new-mom disease that makes you allergic to the computer and unable to do things like sit still for more than 10 mins at a time, or type with more than one hand. Therefore, I understand the 3 month hiatus. You're allowed to vanish from the virtual world and focus on your family :) She won't be this little ever again.

Im glad that Catherine is growing and thriving! How big is she now? You must really love being a mom. Isnt it the best feeling ever, to be so dedicated and devoted, and to have so much love for such a tiny little helpless person?

It sounds like even with the many changes going on in your family's life, you and DH are managing very well. I dont know how you do it, working on opposite shifts all the time, but kudos to you!!!

Future Mommy said...

Nicole - I won't lie - working opposite shifts is a challenge. I wake up at 3 or so when he gets home from work just so we can chat for 15 or 20 minutes and catch up...and then we usually have about 10 minutes when I get home from work before he heads out. So we really cherish the couple nights each week that we have dinner, as well as our Sundays.