Thursday, August 14, 2008

30w5d: Back to Life

Anyone remember that song from the 80s that had the line "back to life...back to reality..."?

That's what I'm trying to do right's my second day back in Texas from PA and I'm trying desperately to get back to life...getting caught up with work at my full-time job, getting caught up with what's going on with my writing, catching up on blogging...and oh, yeah, about a zillion comments, emails and cards to respond to, offering condolences for Dad. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. But working through it!

On my end, my weight is holding fairly steady. We're at +37 pounds right now (I again suspect that I may have lost a pound or two while in PA) and my waist size is +14.5 inches over pre-baby measurements.

Baby did NOT have a good time in PA. I think she most likely channeled my stress, but she just stiffened herself up so many times and so painfully that her Mama did not feel well or sleep most of the time. I'm hesitant to call what she did Braxton Hicks contractions...because when she'd stiffen up and subsequently my whole belly would go hard and my own back/hips/anything near there would stiffen, it would last for literally hours on end. Not a little contraction then a release. We're talking 6 hours. Once or twice daily. I'm sorry, Bunny...I'm trying to stay as calm and low key as possible, but you've gotta work with me, little one!

Random cute note: our female cat has claimed the pack-n-play.

So bear with me over the next few days as I continue to catch up with life. I still owe you a wrap-up on the baby shower, plus I'll be writing about Dad over at Breakfast at Tiffany's - kind of a wrap up of how things went. I also still have my new blog to launch...I think you'll like it when it's ready but until it is, can't tell you much more! Oh, and I posted a new belly shot from actually makes me look smaller...different angle and backdrop than usual since we weren't at home.

So that's all from me...hope all is well with everyone!!!




Sassy Mama Bear said...

Note: You'll want to get the pack and play to not be an attractive place for the cat, bad combo there.
I am sure your stress related to Bunny, she will react. I had the same problem when I was pregnant with Nikolaus, also oddly gas can do that to you.
How's your layette supplies coming? I saw some cute things I just know I am going to have to buy my cyber niece.

A New Beginning said...

The pack-n-play will be the first of many things the cat will take over. Our cat spends more time on the floor mats and he tummy time mat than the baby does. She has also been in the bouncer sleeping as well.

Future Mommy said...

Oh, too funny...yeah, I'm fully aware that my cats and dogs run my household. We've been having "conversations" with them, trying to discourage certain activities so that the baby can actually have her own space when she gets here...but I think she'll just end up sharing with the furry ones. Yeah, I can see my cats using the activity mat we have...after all, there's things to bat at and play with - isn't that a kitty toy? HAHA!