Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 2: Maternity Clothes

Happy Tuesday!

I know, I know! I just wrote about maternity clothes yesterday - what more could I possibly have to say on the topic? (By the way, I'm feeling link-lovey today...see below!)

Well...it's day two of maternity clothes in my world, and I'm already realizing the limits of my wardrobe. I thought I was so smart when I bought one pair of dressier khaki pants and one pair of dressier black pants. (My work requires business dress - anything from dressy khaki to moderately-dressy suits are the norm.) Well, turns out I wasn't so smart.

I have 11 maternity shirts - 10 that I can wear to work and 1 that would be appropriate when we have jeans days one or two Fridays each month. Turns out that most of them coordinate far better with khakis than black slacks. Dang it!

So I'm going to head back to eBay to see if I can scoop up another pair of khakis. I have to admit that I'm a lot more nervous about buying pants from eBay than shirts. For shirts, there's a little more leeway in fit. For pants? Well, I'm 5'5", but I have the same inseam as my husband, who is 6'1"! In other words, all of my height is in my legs...so I sometimes have a difficult time with pants.

On second thought, I think I might take the suggestion of the blogger over at "A New Beginning", who left me this message yesterday:

"I am a first time reader and thought I would make you feel better. I started wearing maternity clothes at about 7 weeks. I gained weight in the stomach and thighs. The thighs have been the worst. I am on my 2nd and 3rd sets of maternity clothes. I have just outgrown everything it seems.

And yes, I buy used clothes. I have been going to Goodwill for a couple of months now looking for stuff. Clothes are just too expensive to wear for such a short time."

Thanks for coming to visit me, Nicole (yes, I found out your name by visiting your blog - I like your set up and have enjoyed reading your posts!) and I agree - clothes are too darn expensive for how long you actually get to wear them! Granted, I hope to have another child within a few years after Bunny gets here, but still, total wearing time is so limited! In any case, after years of donating my used clothes to the Goodwill, I think it's high time I paid a visit to find a few additional pairs of slacks!! (By the way, I'm ignoring the weight gain in my thighs...yes, I have it too, but even when I was "skinny", I've always carried most of my weight in my thighs, so I just don't look there. Haha!)

Kelly, over at "Just Breathe", is about as far along as I am - a day or two ahead as I recall, and she reminded me that she's been in maternity clothes for a few weeks now. Wow - this time just goes so fast! Kelly didn't want to shamelessly promote an article she wrote for Associated Content about buying maternity clothes, so I'll go ahead and shameless promote it for her - it has some great pointers! Save Money on Maternity Clothes: The Best Shops and Ideas.

I'm envious of K at "Our Box of Rain" - she's five weeks ahead of me and still not in maternity clothes full time! I'm going to have to check out that whole belly band idea is something I may need to check out, just because it'd give me the ability to wear some of my "pre-Bunny" clothes for awhile longer yet. Of course, I just finished clearing out my closet and lugging all of the non-fitting clothes upstairs, but hey, stairs are great exercise, right? :-)

K also had this great pointer:
"I've also heard good things about Kohls, and I need some shorts for the summer,so that's my next shopping trip."

Good call, K! Here in Texas, it hit 97 yesterday. And I thought I'd get through this summer without needing shorts. Silly me! I think a trip to Kohls may be in order - they generally do have cute stuff at decent prices. (I agree with you about Motherhood Maternity, K - I bought some of my maternity stuff there and they are definitely overpriced, but unfortunately, had more of what I was looking for that I could wear to work. I limited myself, though, before I hit eBay for the rest.)

So anyways, don't tell, but I'm wearing my khakis for the second day in a row...I pressed them this morning to take yesterday's wrinkles out and matched with a new top (super cute - an eBay purchase...shows off a bit of cleavage I never used to have!) and if anyone is really watching my wardrobe that closely that they notice my re-wear, well, they need to get a life!

Hope everyone has a great day! I'm in a fabulous mood, and I hope I can spread that to all of you!



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A New Beginning said...

Thanks for the link! Of course you can add me to your "roll".

Don't worry about wearing the same pants. I have 2 - 3 that I rotate every day. I gave up caring a long time ago what people were thinking. As long as I am comfortable, that is what matters!

And yes, Kohls is a great place to get clothes as well. Sometimes they have the clearance maternity stuff in the baby section.