Thursday, May 15, 2008

16w5d - Plugging Along!

Dear Bunny,

How are you, little one? I keep expecting to start feeling you moving around any day now! Unfortunately, all I'm feeling is my meals coming back up on me! Now, your father talked to you about that. You need to let Mommy stop feeling so nauseous and stop losing so many meals. And if we're going to lose meals, could we perhaps choose to lose more of the spaghettio types of meals instead of the fancy-expensive-steakhouse meals? Please? Thanks.

So we're 16 weeks in...16 pounds gained. I'll have to post pictures of the tummy soon! I haven't taken measurements recently, either - I'll have to do that and let you know. Needless to say, with 16 pounds gained on what was previously a very small frame, I've already outgrown everything I own, pretty much! But I'm not yet big enough for my maternity clothes, so I'm kind of in limbo these days...

I'm a little concerned on my resting heart rate, since I stopped taking my beta blockers at my doctor's recommendation. It's at like 110 resting. I know it gets faster when you're pregnant, but I'm hoping this isn't too fast. I think I'll bring it up at my "big" ultrasound on May 27th, since it's being done at the perinatal office.

That's all from my end for now, dear readers and Bunny. Love and hugs to you all!


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Duck said...

wow, that sounds like a fast resting rate
(mine is like 55-60) so I hope everything is ok - maybe you should give them a call before the big ultra sound?