Friday, May 9, 2008

15w6d - I'm still here!

Dear Readers and Fellow TTCers,

I am so sorry that it's been six weeks since my last post about Bunny! I can only tell you that in that time, I've been busier than a one-legged marathon runner, and crazier than a chicken with its head cut off!

Let's see...what's the best way I can give a recap of the past six weeks, non-Bunny-centered?

  • I've been to California, San Antonio, Minneapolis and St. Louis in that time, all for work.
  • I've lugged 1800 pounds of hardwood into my house to refinish the floors of the three upstairs bedrooms. (Our bedroom is downstairs and already has hardwood.)
  • I've had my office at work recarpeted, which lead to a very interesting time in deconstructing and reconstructing.
  • I've helped deliver training classes to new internal consultants so they can begin working in the program I oversee at work.
  • I've joined Toastmasters - we all know I love to talk...I may as well join an organization that provides me a means to get credit for my gift of gab!
  • I've made significant progress on a large project at work after being mired in the mud for months - yahoo!
  • I've had a performance review (went well) and a raise (measley but my company is a broke-ass airline, so it's better than nothing).
  • I've been to an off-site gathering with my team that helped clarify all of our roles and objectives - very good experience.
  • I served as Team Captain for my team's Relay for Life event - and it was awesome!
  • I've judged 3 speech and debate tournaments, the last of the school year.
  • I've totally re-weeded my garden!
  • I've celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary!

On the Bunny-front, here's what I've been up to since March 28th:

  • I've totally emptied my former office, which will become the nursery. My library, which will now co-function as an office, looks like books and paperwork have puked on it.
  • My nausea has gotten worse - despite the fact that everyone tells me that it improves after week 12, mine got worse during week 12 - that's, in fact, when I started puking! Yuck!
  • I feel crappy almost every time I eat - sore tummy, headache, etc.
  • I've heard Bunny's heartbeat twice! 140 BPM both times. Yay for Bunny!
  • I've gained 16 pounds since I learned I was pregnant in February - wow!
  • I've outgrown all of my pants and most of my skirts...but I'm still too small for even the smallest-sized maternity pants, so I either make do with the preggo-pants and just roll them over to keep them up...or wear a lot of my summery-dresses that are flow-y enough to accomodate my new tummy.
  • I've been taken off my beta-blocker meds but had my thyroid med dosage increased. One step forward...two steps back.
  • We've finalized our pick for a boy's name and narrowed the list for a girl's name. Getting there!
  • We've made our appointment for the BIG REVEAL sonogram - it will be on May 27th! I can't wait to see if I'm having a little boy or a little girl!!

That just about catches us up to today! I promise, ladies, I will be much better about posting regularly again in the future! Time just totally got away from me for a few weeks there!!!

Also, I'm going to reveal the news of Bunny on my "main" blog's about time to out myself, now that most of my coworkers, most of my friends and most of my family knows. Reaching 16 weeks tomorrow leaves me feeling confident enough to share my news with my cyber-friends as well!

I'll be around to visit ya'lls blogs ASAP and leave comments...I've been keeping up with all of you through Google Reader, but now it's time to hop back into interacting!!

Thanks for continuing to keep me and Bunny in your prayers!




Gia said...

I was wondering about you woman....and Bunny!

Future Mommy said...

I'm here! I'm here!! :-)

Kelly said...

I was wondering how you were doing!! I am glad to see things are progressing well but sorry you are still feeling so sick! I hope it gets better soon! I have the big reveal on June 5th! I can't wait!!

Future Mommy said...

Yay! We're only "Big Revealing" 1 week apart - I seriously can't wait! I thought I'd have more interim ultrasounds and find out even earlier, but my insurance won't cover it unless medically necessary, and since I check out physically ok and have a strong heartbeat for baby, I couldn't slip in any more ultrasounds. Boo! And with so much else to buy/pay for, I can't justify the cost out of pocket, so I just have to pretend to be patient for another 2.5 weeks!!!!!

Duck said...

Glad all is well with you.