Friday, August 17, 2007

Parents...For a While

Hey, ya'll!

Sorry I haven't been around has been, in a word, crazy!

On July 31st, we became the temporary parents to two little ones. FD's niece and nephew came to visit for just over three weeks, and boy did we look forward to their arrival!

Now, by "little", I mean 14 and 12 - not exactly babies! And today, they were joined in our house by another little one, my 3-year-old goddaughter.

I can't tell you what good it did to my heart to see the three of them running around my house and acting like maniacs. I couldn't even be mad that they were bumping into everything - it was too nice enjoying having kiddos in my house.

The visits will end all too soon, but I'm enjoying them while they last!



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